White on White Crime25 Sara Packer Jacob Sullivan Kill Daughter in Rape Torture Fantasy

Here is a copy of the video Puketube keeps deleting:


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  1. Jaygo says:

    These White on White crime series were extremely powerful, Why have you not continued them?

  2. Its not only that they kill but how & why they kill… demonic animals.

  3. Ugly, hairy-faced cave-bitch. Yuck.

  4. Man i've been traveling down memory lane with your essay's from the past……

  5. And it won't stop.

  6. Good to see her murderer has been sentenced to death.

  7. RIP Grace

  8. Race had jack shit to do with this. These are bad HUMANS. Could care less what fucking color they were.

  9. Is the creator of this video not white? All the “white” this “white” that tall is turning me off, there’s just as many crazy black people who have committed horrendous crimes as there is white. Shut up you are making me sick

  10. Grace was actually adopted by Packer and a previous husband, David Packer..David packer was in prison when this murder took place.David Packer was in prison for molesting Grace..This poor baby was a victim since birth..My heart aches for this little innocent being…I hope this monsterous beast of a so called "mother" with an actual beard, gets what she has coming…..Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places….

  11. So other nationalities don't do shit like this? You haven't taken a look at India lately? And you sound pretty white to me dude. And you're going to pretend that this kind of activity is common among white people? Dude, most whites who hear about this would want these two executed. You sound like a fucking moron.

    And you're going to draw false equivalence between the white kid that was hazed by those black kids, and this event, and act like whites are all celebrating the rape and murder of this girl? Once again, FUCKING MORON.

    And how has the crime been censored by the "white media" when you're hear, completely aware of every detail, from which you discerned from the very same media?

  12. white racism

  13. M pa says:

    Are you fucking kidding me diude?White priveledge.Bucks County locks everyone up and they make plea deals.How dare you act like alll white people are pedophiles.You're a racist and a half. If you truly cared about Grace that would be one thing but causing more racial division is completely another.

  14. Fucking burn both those cunts slowly please

  15. Deary me, how sad and low. You dont care about the victims, you only care to use these stories to create more racial divide.

    You need to do some better research;

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