Tis the season to commit murder lalalalalalalala


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  1. Truth!

  2. Your brutal rage just makes me laugh! .. I am not a troll! But dammit you got me spinning with a laugh that is so funny!… I am grateful for your reality of the world we live in as Blacks.

  3. I don't like the stories but this Gen Xer/Foundational Black male is not happy about it ether. Like blk women. I can take it or leave it. It's matters not. All I care about is Reparations. Yet this was bonded to happen. Later brother and thanks for the heads up and stay safe and black. #mentalillness.

  4. This first pundit looks likes an ostrich!

  5. These neanderthugs and neanderthuggettes are out of control

  6. My "give a damn" is busted.

  7. He beat that poor woman to death. Idk how she even messed with him. GOD BLESS her Soul. Smh!

  8. M C says:

    We see what you did here, and its brilliant.

  9. White Privilege gone wild!

  10. The only good cop is a dead one, can’t argue with that

  11. nialcc says:

    Thank you so much we need more of these. Are they still being made?

  12. This is not news. It is axiomatic that Caucasians get a slap on the wrist and a finger pointed at them and the judge saying "now-now, don't do it again". You're free to go. I love this because such psychopathic behavior contributes to Caucasian genocide. Keep up the great work you Caucasian psychopaths.

  13. Our Ancestors Were Slaves! Now a days They Act Like They Freed Em!,
    But I could only wish The Crooked Cops The Wrath! Because We Need em,
    Not The Ones Who Have Us Shot Out On The Block Busted And Bleedin',
    ADOS Reparations!Tangibles! Now Is The Season!

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