White on White Crime #18 Woman Kills Man Texting While Driving Gets 4 Days in Jail

White on White Crime #18 Woman Kills Man Texting While Driving –Gets 4 Days in Jail


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  1. I love these videos. They are knee slapping funny and ironic. Yet they hold their invisible pearls around us. Lol you cant make this stuff up

  2. She needs to never drive again

  3. so now I'm wondering what the elderly man's life was really like, his wife may be relieved he's gone

  4. She comes from a good family and she has a "white" future..(sarcasm)

  5. These hidden stories are my absolute favorite. Thank you for these!

  6. Wow, even among themselves no sense of justice.

  7. White female privilege and they are the most protected class in the Matrix USA.

  8. Everybody got around this white killer and made her the victim…to bad they don't do this for us…this is white America…and their justice system.

  9. There is no "Justice" when it comes to us.

  10. She was out in time to make a fresh batch of Snicker doodles.

  11. Criminalize white supremacy!

  12. Well, the old man's next of kin can sue her, sue the county, the judge and the city and get a few million. This is a wrongful death.

  13. All Knowledge Exactly This Fucking System is Corrupt as Shit……..That Judge and the Prosecuter all both of them needs to be disbarred charged and thrown in Prison Maybe even UNDER the DAMNED PRISON!! 4 DAYS IN PRISON????? That Bitch needs to be In Prison for the Rest of her life!! But let it be someone black and see the outcome would be waaaaayyyy WORSE! But There is No WHITE PRIVALEGE Right???

  14. The judge and prosecutor should be disbarred, charged and thrown in prison.

  15. Had that been my relative, I would have handled it out of court. Now, use your imagination. By not punishing Caucasian people, they are contributing to the extinction of Caucasian people.

  16. 4 days in jail

  17. GOD Bless Old Man's Soul.

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