Pedophile Pastor Repeatedly RAPED CHILDREN for Years & Nobody DID NOTHING

The people in Wilkes County, North Carolina were horrified when they got to know one of their town’s pastor is arrested for 115 sex attacks on children. The pedophile abused children as young as four years of age and as old as 16 years old age.

Rodney Luffman, 58, is charged with more than 100 felony sex counts in North Carolina. He was arrested from his home by Detective Amanda Boyd. He targeted one female victim and two male victims over a period of 15 years between the years 2000 and 2015, said the Wilkes County Sheriff Office.

Luffman was a pastor at a non-denominational church, Open Arms Outreach Ministries, in Elkin, North Carolina.

One of Luffman’s victims was as young as four years of age when the abuses began. Another was 16 years of age when the abuses occurred.

Out of the 115 felony charges, Luffman has been charged with 35 counts of sexual offenses and 80 counts of indecent liberties.

Luffman posted on Facebook on January 16. He wrote: “When you start hearing things that you can’t possibly believe I’d do, don’t believe it, I’ll prove myself innocent in court. Please pray for me.”

Many women came forward and confirmed that this behavior was frequently observed in the pastor and that they have gone through it themselves.

One of the women commented on his post. She said, “He was hitting on (me) years ago when he was married! I normally would not come on here and air this mess….but he deserves punishment for what he has done.”

Another said, “You are as guilty as sin. Hope you got in jail. You were always trying to touch little girls and hug them when we went to your church. Thank God my husband finally listened to me.”

One of the users said, “So sad to hear that innocent children were abused by what they thought was a man of God”.

While another said, “$1 million dollar bail says the judge believes you possibly DID DO IT and that you’re a flight risk.” He went on to add that to prove innocence for 115 felony charges would mean that he and his attorney are going to be very busy.

Rodney Luffman is being held in the Wilkes County Jail with a $1M dollar bond.

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