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On Duty Police Officer Accused Of Having A Physical Contact With Woman

On Duty, West Seneca police officer accused of having physical contact with a woman who was a victim of domestic violence. The woman was depressed, and the officer started taking advantage of the situation.

Derek Vasquez, 35, was detained earlier this week and charged with official misconduct and wrongdoing.

The general attorney’s office tells that he had a physical encounter with a lady while on duty this year.

The officials said that while he was leading an investigation into a family violence incident concerning the woman, he supposedly established a relationship with that woman.

District Attorney and official tell the relationship was intimate.

“The accusation is that, while this officer was leading an inquiry into a family violence incident, he made a relationship with the woman, who was the victim of that domestic violence incident, a consensual relationship, to be right.

But there is an accusation that on one moment he introduced himself, at her house while he was on duty, while he was in his official police uniform, for the goal of a physical encounter and not to examine a crime,” Flynn said.

The victim is being interrogated, knowing whether she was forced or the relationship was established with her consent.

Derek Vasquez is on official leave and is arranged to return to court on January 24, 2020.

A no-contact order of protection has been issued on her behalf.

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