Teacher Charged

Just Because A Student Resembled Like Her Dead Husband, Teacher Trapped Him For Sex

Laura Bucy, 34-year-old from Twinsburg, Ohio, was sentenced to 2 years in prison after being found guilty for having sex with a teen in 2017. When questioned her the reason, she unreasonably told that the teen looked land acted like her husband. When the incident happened, the former teacher first confided this dirty secret in a family member — eventually admitting the whole thing to police.

Teacher Had Sex With Her Female Student

Twinsburg HS teacher Laura Bucy charged with having sex with her 17-year-old student in her classroom.

The teacher confessed about the incident in 2018. After which the teacher was arrested and officially resigned from her position at Twinsburg High School. She also gave up her teaching certificate and dropped out of her graduate school program.

After her arrest when questioned, Bucy told police that she’d only had sex with the unnamed student one time. The name of the student is not revealed to the public and is classified.

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She added that it happened shortly after she began working as a family and consumer sciences teacher at Twinsburg High School that August. According to the Record-Courier, Bucy allegedly made several overtures to the teen before assaulting him.

Also, it has been revealed that throughout the semester, Bucy has sent inappropriate sexual text messages to the teen and bought him illegal drugs like vaping products and marijuana. It one-by-one led to the sexual assault, which took place in the school campus, after which, Bucy begged the boy to keep quiet.

In the court, during the hearing, the parents. The unnamed teen told the judge how deeply and badly the experience affected him.

Mental Health Of The Teen Got Effected Very Badly

Both parents revealed that they noticed a personality shift in their son soon after the assault took place, stated the Record-Courier. He seemed more withdrawn from people and society. He also started drinking and hiding the bottles in his room. The incident mentally affected the teen.

The parents first tried to help him through therapy for their son. It was only when the police came knocking on their door and told the truth. The police revealed what Bucy had done, and then things finally started to make sense.

In June, Bucy faced charges on a guilty plea to sexual battery, which is a third-degree felony.

Initially, she faced up to five years in prison, but Summit County Common Pleas Judge Susan Baker Ross only sentenced her to just two years. She is prisoned with eligibility for early release in six months. The police also registered Bucy as a sex offender. This means she’ll have to report her address to police every 90 days for the rest of her life.

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